Knowing that you have the meta descriptions, URLs  and proper page titles, you are correct in the fact that you will now need quality links to your site to boost traffic. This is where internet marketing becomes complicated, laborious and fun at the same time. The best way to create links to your website will involve a bit of creativity to your part.

The number one best way to start creating links is to author blogs that will meet the needs of your potential audience. Choose topics that will be of interest to your readers, contain keywords and links to your website. The second most popular fashion is using social media. Have you created a Facebook or twitter account? You can use those to announce your daily news items and hopefully attract followers.

In general you want to make your site a link magnet… you want to attract links from other websites and blogs. You can accomplish this by becoming the authority in your particular area and publishing quality content.

Lastly you may want to affiliate yourself with other website with complimentary services. That way you could mutually advertise each other and generate more traffic and more adwords clicks.  As maximizing web hits and subsequent adword clicks is quite possibly one of your main objectives, there are ways of determining potential volume based on keywords and then determining your potential volume based on the ranking you currently have in the search engines.

If your content attracts many viewers and updates information often, you should be able to maintain a loyal viewer base. Larger sites can garner 1000’s of  hits a day, so you will have plenty of room to grow. I may also recommend you start a Facebook/Myspace page for your company as well as these social networks are more leisure-based than LinkedIn.  Depending on your site’s content, you may want to try and tap those markets.  This is how you will need to increase your external links in order to rank higher in Google, Ask, Bing and Yahoo.

All the best on your site! Let me know how it goes!