If the word “blogosphere” could very well be the surrounding areas of Tuktoyuktuk and you have or are thinking of starting a blog and wonder where the heck to start and how you are going to sustain this effort, then this post is for you. We are going to tell you why to blog and how to keep on blogging…
If I was to sum up the reason to blog into a single word it would be this: Evolution. People have gotten so sick and tired of being marketed that they are retaliating with all sorts of technologies just to avoid advertisements. Read: Caller ID, PVR and garbage cans by mailboxes.
So what makes blogs different you ask? This is where the evolution comes in. The future of marketing is content and that content solves your customer’s problems and answers their questions. People won’t come looking for you until they have that problem or question and a blog provides you a searchable medium to answer them. Let me throw out a quick fact; companies with blogs report on average 55% more visitors than websites without… Combine that with the fact that content will help as many people with the same need with the same effort as helping a single person. That’s the leveraging power of social media
So where should you blog? Well WordPress, Blogger and a host of others have very well maintained sites where you can start a blog for free, but from a business perspective this is not a good idea. The goal of your blog is to ultimately drive traffic back to your site in order to enable a conversion. In order to fully reap the benefits of your content, it should be able to be indexed by search engines under your own domain (i.e. www.yourcompany.com/blog). I do recommend that your blog be written in your own site and then replicated out to other sites such as YouTube, blogger, LinkedIn, etc. This is how we distribute at WestCoast Internet Marketing . The very blog you are reading will be written in blogger, replicated to the WestCoast Internet Marketing site and then to LinkedIn and the whole shebang will be advertised across twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and a few others Takeaway here is to make sure your blog exists in your own domain.
Once you are up and running with a blogging platform the question now turns to what to write about and how often.
How often depends on you. Some pros say 1-2 blogs a day… most people only have time for one a week. My recommendation is to do it as often as you can in order to increase, deepen and vary the breadth of your content. Remember though, one blog post a month or less and you are probably just being lazy! (OK don’t look at my blog post dates).
Your blogspriation should come from knowing what challenges your customers or potential customers are experiencing and design content to help them. This means listen to what people are saying and answer them in your blog. Some of the best examples of blog information sources are:
  • Sharing lessons learnt
  • Take emails and turn them into blog posts
  • Forum posts
  • Take video at events
  • Interview customers
  • Company data
Social Media in general is all about listening, listening even more, building relationships and lastly sharing your content. There is a whole other conversation about easily sharing your content through blog bookmarking sites like Digg and StumbleUpon, but we will save that for another post.
Lastly… make the blog fun! Put some graphics on it, throw in some video and make it lively and advantageous for anyone to read. Blogs are about solving needs of customers and providing insight into your company and more importantly into you as a person. Your content gives us insight to you and ultimately earns the trust we can have with you. Share lots, share often, share from the heart and the world will beat a path to your door — or at very least visit your website and make your Google analytics scream “Rockstar“!
We would love to hear from you and know what kinds of challenges you see with your blog. Shoot us a question at our contact page  or leave us a comment on this post and we will be happy to help out!